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13 march 2007

still totally on tour!!! boooooooooooring!!! just kidding!!! it rools. pat's being a big baby, but he's still totally my bff. mr. harvey, our tour manager, won't let us do ANYTHING! i think we're all gonna freak out if we don't get to do something fun soon. he caught nancy passing notes in soundcheck and totally yelled at her. it was really mean. steve got a new top and thinks he's so hot. i think it looks cheap! the new weird kid phil still wont' talk to anybody, and pat said he saw him eating his own hair. GROSSSSS! anyway, matt's downstairs playing all the instruments for steve (like he can play all the instruments! RIGHT! LOL!) still the weird prize goes to mary mary. she's just WRONG. and totally mean. i think she's trying to impress mr. harvey by being a total B.I.T.C.H.!! scuse my language--gotta go check the vocal mike!

tour rools!

13 february 2007

oh my gaaaaaad!
rehearsing is SOO HARD! i mean, we have so many songs to learn, and tyler and phil aren't here anymore, and it's not the same and everything, but maybe it'll be ok. i think everybody hates me!!!!! it's TRUE!!!!!! everyone's been such a pain about the band stuff, and i don't even have time to hang out anymore. boooo! but i'm totally being a big complainer. i mean, jenna was telling me that everybody hates the record and, like, is totally going to laugh at me, and i like totally believed her. i was crying and she was pretending to be nice and all, but SHE WAS THE REASON I WAS CRYING!!! i think she's totally jealous. her myspace page has like 10 friends. i hate her.

10 february 2007

dear diary.

nobody understands me. i feel so lonely i could just DIE. dina's being such a bitch, and totally won't sit with me at lunch anymore. it's like DUH--we were totally best friends for maybe ALL OF OUR LIVES, and then, all the sudden, she gets boobs and and her mom buys here stupid new clothes and she's too good for me! i'm so mad at her! but really i just feel sad mostly, because we totally promised to be best friends forever, and i didn't make that many other best friends, and SHE TOTALLY DID. i mean, i 110% stuck by her when she wet her pants in 3rd grade and EVERYBODY made fun of her, and now she's eating lunch with that total bee-hatch shana, who, like makes enemies with everybody. she thinks she's better than everyone because her dad's some real-estate guy, but who cares? anyway, i've finally finished the album and i'm EXHAUSTED, but now i totally have to go on tour forever and miss EVERYTHING. aaaaghhh!!

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